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Water Line Installation and Replacement


The importance of providing clean water, sanitisation and hygiene is such a vital factor in the health of our communities and therefore a plumbers job running water lines from the mains and throughout a house or building is critical and needs to be done right for the water system to work safely and efficiently. Like with many projects of this type, they should be completed by professionals such as us at Jolliffe Plumbing.

Some of our Water System Services Include:

  • Installing and testing both drinking and non‐drinking heated or cold water services
  • Replacement/repairs and installation of various PEX and copper water pipes
  • Detection and prevention of water leaks
  • Water recycling solutions
  • Water filtration
  • Water systems issues such as low water pressure or no water supply - conducting water pressure tests
  • Installing and connecting rainwater tanks to gardens
  • Installing water reticulation pump sets used, for example, solar water systems and rainwater tanks

    If you’re looking for reliable plumbers to provide you with water line installation services or other piping assistance in Melbourne and surrounding areas, you’re in the right place.

What are water lines, and why do buildings need them?


A well-functioning water system is indispensable to supply water to a given structure. Water enters through a main supply line, placed underground. It then distributes water to various appliances thanks to a water system consisting of piping. Hot water systems work hand in hand with water lines to make sure that hot water is available when required. Coldwater is the default that is found in the water main, so it doesn’t require heat treatment before it comes out of a tap or a showerhead.


Water lines are designed to fit within a given building. However, sometimes a building needs to be redesigned, improved or enlarged. This may mean installing a new water line to service a newly built room or floor. Renovations or construction work are also a good time to inspect and review the piping and repair or replace whatever needs attention.


Jolliffe Plumbing’s Water Line Installations, Replacement and Repairs


Jolliffe Plumbing is a respected and trusted service provider when it comes to all sorts of plumbing services.

We’ve been successfully completing water line installation projects for private and commercial clients for over 40 years. You can count on us for your water installation and replacement needs in and around Melbourne. We have three generations of our family behind our name. We take our commitments seriously, always striving to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Likewise, we’re a name you can trust for any plumbing assistance. It doesn’t matter how big or small, urgent or relaxed your project is.

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