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Choose Jolliffe Plumbing for Your Sanitary Plumbing Needs


All residential buildings, and nearly all commercial or industrial buildings, need sanitation. Sanitary plumbing means a whole range of services as follows that support the sanitary system of a given building.

  • Planning the layout of a sanitary system
  • Fabricating and installing sanitary stacks used in multi-storey buildings
  • Installing piped vents and penetrations ensuring the roof and/or wall penetrations are watertight
  • Applying different methods of venting, including air admittance devices
  • Installing suspended pipework for fixtures
  • Cutting into existing pipework for additional fixtures
  • Installing waste pipes for basins, sinks and toilets, including installing pipework for greywater used to flush toilets
  • Installing and connecting sanitary fixtures
  • Installing sanitary pumps
  • Locating and clearing sanitary drain blockages.

Toilet issues are another part of this bigger service and common issues are as follows: Toilet leaks or running water - The sound of water running constantly in your toilet or the presence of water around the toilet are sure signs of a toilet plumbing problem. Don’t try to solve it on your own, as it may make things even worse.


Toilet blockages -Toilet blockages are among the worst nightmares of property and business owners. As a result, a toilet becomes unusable and in the case of a severe blockage, dirty water can even flood the bathroom. Such a situation requires quick assistance from a qualified plumber.


Flush issues -Flush issues may vary from mild to severe. Sometimes a flush has to be used a few times before it works. In other cases, it may stop working entirely. This is a major disruption for any household or commercial building.


We can take care of all your toilet plumbing and sanitary needs in Melbourne and surrounds. Whether you need assistance with installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, we’re there for you.


Choosing Jolliffe Plumbing for your sanitary or toilet plumbing requirements, means trusting a team of experienced and qualified specialists. During over 40 years of experience in running our family business, we’ve learnt how to complete projects that not only meet but even exceed clients’ expectations. We are reliable, flexible and value partnerships as well as our clients’ time and money.


If you need sanitary or toilet plumbing service in Melbourne and surrounds, get in touch with us. We’ll take the time to evaluate your project and complete it in the best way possible, while keeping your timeframe and budget in mind. Choose trusted specialists and work with Jolliffe Plumbing!

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