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Like many other areas that are not in sight, roofs are often forgotten about. Residential property and business owners alike are reminded about them when they start causing issues.
Jolliffe Plumbing provides roofing services, whether this relates to stormwater or roof maintenance.


Roof maintenance should not be forgotten, as this part of a building protects the interiors from the elements. A roofing inspection is something Jolliffe Plumbing can certainly help you with. Avoiding regular roof maintenance may turn minor issues into major ones. A roof leak is one of the worst-case scenarios due to the water damage it can cause during light and heavy rains. If it occurs, you require immediate assistance in the form of roof repair services from trained specialists such as our company.


Sometimes the issues with the roof have to do with it being too old or not properly designed/installed. In this case, it’s best to invest in roof restoration services. Superficial or more structural work can be done to make sure that the roof does the job it’s supposed to.


Roofing – stormwater services we provide as follows:

  • Installing eaves gutters
  • Fabricating and installing downpipes
  • Installing box gutters, outlets, overflows, rain heads and sumps
  • Installing drains above ground and downpipes for the roof drainage system
  • Installing flashings such as soaker, step, apron, valley, ridge, pressure and side flashings
  • Installing flash penetrations to fixtures such as vent pipes, skylights, air conditioning units, flues and exhaust fans
  • Installing rainwater tanks to collect drinking water
  • Laying and securing metal roof sheeting safely

We are a company with over 40 years of experience in providing different plumbing services, including roofing services in Melbourne and surrounds. Our team of specialists has made countless clients happy thanks to our roof installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and plumbing work done on their projects.


Are you unsure whether we can help you with your roofing problem or undertaking? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss what you want or need to be done. You may not know what it is exactly that you require for the improvement of your roofing, but experts like us will be able to help you.


You can’t go wrong with trusting three generations of our family. We treat each client like a family member - with due respect, care and attention. Don’t hesitate and contact Jolliffe Plumbing today!

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