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Jolliffe Plumbing as Your General Contractor


Finding general contractor services in Melbourne and surrounding areas isn’t always easy. When it comes to plumbing services in their homes, property owners want to be sure that contracted plumbers will be quick, efficient and trustworthy. Our domestic and residential plumbing services focus on doing work that’s essential for a well-functioning plumbing system of any household. We understand that while maintenance services are not extremely time-sensitive, this may not be true for certain home plumbing emergencies.

We strive to provide comprehensive services to ensure the comfort and safety of residents. Our service offer includes installation, repairs and replacement of different plumbing equipment and fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else where our help is needed.

You can count on Jolliffe Plumbing when it comes to:

  • Leaking taps
  • Malfunctioning toilets, including leaking, drainage issues and blockages
  • Gas appliance maintenance, installation, repair, inspection and replacement
  • Pipe installation, repairs and replacement
  • Laundry and washing machine issues
  • Sink installation and issues such as blockages
  • Hot water systems installation, maintenance and evaluation
  • Roofing services, including assistance with leaks and repairs
  • Other general plumbing services

Whichever domestic plumbing service you require, we’ve got your back.

At Jolliffe Plumbing, we understand that letting someone into your home to take care of your domestic plumbing and maintenance depends on a trust relationship. As a family-owned company, we value partnerships above all and treat every client like a family member. We also always do our best when entrusted with a domestic or residential plumbing project.


As your general contractor, Jolliffe Plumbing’s team will do its best to fix your issue and prevent it from recurring. Our plumbers are experienced in dealing with all kinds of plumbing such as roofing, gas, sanitary and more. Our team is always ready to make a new client happy with a job done right.


We’ve completed numerous projects when it comes to general plumbing in domestic and residential environments. We don’t take our responsibilities lightly, and have built a trustworthy brand during over 40 years of our operations. Do you have any questions about our company or the services we provide? Get in touch with us so that we can start planning together how to improve your plumbing systems.

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