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Melbourne Gas Fitting with Jolliffe Plumbing


Any plumbing related service that involves gas needs to be completed by a licenced plumber. Gas issues should never be taken lightly, as they can pose a serious threat to the safety of staff or residents of a given building. Common gas-related hazards have to do with gases commonly used these days, such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and natural gas. Malfunctioning gas systems can be a source of fire or cause an explosion.


One of the most serious gas-related risks is carbon dioxide poisoning. It occurs when gas doesn’t burn properly. This happens when there’s a lack of adequate ventilation, maintenance or the installation hasn’t been done by a qualified individual. Gas is colourless and odourless, which is why it’s difficult to discover a leak. Many places install carbon dioxide sensors or detectors.


Another risk related to gas is a leak. This can often occur in pipes that are not in sight and so are overlooked during superficial maintenance by individuals not versed in gas plumbing. Such pipes can be found underground, above head or in other hard-to-reach areas.

For these reasons, any gas fitting should be handled by trained, professional plumbers such as our team at Jolliffe Plumbing. Our gas fitting services in Melbourne and surrounding areas include:

  • Installation of gas appliances
  • Gas leakage prevention and detection
  • Repairs and replacement of gas fixtures
  • Meters and valves consultation and installation
  • Installing and testing LPG and natural gasfitting lines
  • Installing and commissioning gas appliances – for example, hot water services, space heaters, ducted heating units, gas stoves, BBQ’s and cooktops
  • Providing for adequate ventilation when installing gas appliances and installing appropriate flues

The safety of your home, office or any area you need gas fitting in is our first priority.

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