Earthworks in Melbourne


At Jolliffe Plumbing we have just the right tools to help you with big and small earthworks projects. Our fleet of machines includes excavators of various sizes, a skid-steer, a truck as well as many other types of equipment that can help with the completion of residential, commercial and industrial projects.


We don’t take the safety of our staff and clients lightly.
All machinery is regularly inspected and reviewed for its safety and ability to operate in the way of consistent services, risk assessment and the day to day upkeep our workers maintain our machinery in great condition. You can rest assured that any work done by us will be completed in a safe but also efficient manner.


Our Earthworks Services Include:

  • Bulk earthworks, particularly useful for bigger commercial undertakings
  • Detailed earthworks, including excavation and site preparation
  • Land clearing and clean-ups
  • Subdivisions
  • Limited access excavations
  • Drainage solutions
  • Residential earthworks for house pads, swimming pools, gardens, driveways, footpaths and fencing
  • Retaining walls
  • Doing earthworks is impossible without hiring trusted specialists.

This is because excavation, digging and other construction jobs can’t be completed without adequate equipment and operators qualified to use them.

Earthmoving, Landscaping and Subdivisions


We also provide other services when it comes to earthmoving, landscaping and subdivisions for any kind of project and to every industry. We’ll be delighted to assist clients with broadly defined earthworks in Melbourne and surrounds.


Our earthworks services can be requested as a separate job or as a part of services for a bigger project that includes pipe installation or any other plumbing service. We have qualified and experienced specialists in all areas of plumbing.


Do Earthworks with Jolliffe Plumbing


Jolliffe Plumbing is a reputable, family-owned company that has been operating for over 40 years. We’ve been praised for our reliability, attention to detail and flexibility. We value partnerships above all and take no shortcuts when it comes to safety and quality. Furthermore, we do more than just get the job done - we get it done right.


Do you need help with a project that requires earthworks? Are you unsure whether we can help you? Contact Jolliffe Plumbing today to chat about your needs and join the family!

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