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Drainage Repairs and Installation


Drainage plumbing removes sanitary waste or stormwater from a site. Whether you need a new drain system installed or a part of it repaired, you can count on Jolliffe Plumbing. We offer comprehensive services for drainage repairs and installation in Melbourne as well as surrounding areas.

Our Drainage Services Include:

  • Locating and removal of Stormwater drain blockages and system repairs
  • Prepare trenches and laying of stormwater and sanitary drains
  • Stormwater management consultancy
  • Installation of drains while ensuring the use of adequate support systems, soakwells and infiltration trenches
  • Stormwater storage solutions
  • Sewerage system cleaning
  • Waste drains installation (including arrestors, grease traps)
  • Installing drainage vents and inspection shafts
  • Installing overflow provisions, including overflow relief gullies and reflux valves

These are just some services that our specialised team of plumbers can help you with. We understand well that drainage is crucial when it comes to buildings operating properly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial site - we’ll do our best for your drainage system to work seamlessly.

What is a Drainage System?
Drainage systems are a part of a building that no one wants to think about, the sewer and stormwater underground. And yet, if they don’t function properly waste won’t be disposed of in an adequate manner. Issues with below-ground sewer or stormwater drainage can be particularly problematic. A strong, unpleasant smell in an outside area such as a garden is a sure sign of trouble. It may mean that the problem is a blocked drain, but it may also indicate that a pipe is damaged and needs replacement.


Best Drainage Solutions with Jolliffe Plumbing


Jolliffe Plumbing is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in completing plumbing-related work in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We’ve done jobs in apartment complexes, private residential buildings as well as commercial and industrial sites. The one thing all our projects have in common is that we’ve made our clients happy with the way we’ve done them.


We have a flexible and trustworthy team of plumbers specialised in various areas of plumbing. Drainage repairs and installation in Melbourne is just one area of our operations we specialise in. We respect our clients’ budget and their time, adhering to the timelines we commit to. We’re flexible and value partnerships, which means we’re a great service provider to hire for projects that involve multiple contractors.


Get in touch with Jolliffe Plumbing today and see for yourself why we’re the preferred business of so many people.

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