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A blocked drain is always an unwelcome surprise. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, such a blockage can cause significant problems. Drain maintenance is an important thing to keep in mind, but regardless of the regularity of checks and cleaning, a blockage can occur. This is because there are external factors that can cause a blockage.

The main types of drains that suffer from blockages are laundry, shower, basins, sewer and stormwater drains. At Jolliffe Plumbing, we can help with any of the below-mentioned issues. Blocked shower, basins (or bathtub) drains usually have to do with hair being accumulated around the drain outlet. People often ignore the fact that water is being drained slower and slower after use and wait until there’s no drainage whatsoever.

Sewer and stormwater drain issues are extremely common. These drains are found outside buildings, which means that they’re often ignored and overlooked. Depending on where a given drain is placed, this kind of blockage may be caused by food, rubbish, leaves or tree branches.

At Jolliffe Plumbing we understand that whatever type of drain you have a problem with, it requires quick and efficient assistance. Our trained and experienced drainage plumbers are ready to help you with all types of blockages. We won’t leave until we know that the problem has been solved.

We’re a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in dealing with blocked drains in Melbourne and surrounds. We’ll take care of unblocking, cleaning and anything else that needs to be done.


Have you noticed any or all of the following problems?

  • Water gathering around your drains
  • Water levels rising in toilet
  • Floors or walls are damp
  • Water not being drained or being drained too slowly
  • Worrisome sounds from your drains such as gurgling.
  • Unpleasant odours coming from drain

If the answer to one or all of these questions is “yes”, you’re most probably experiencing a full or partial blockage of your drain(s). The issue will not disappear on its own. Contact us today and allow our specialists to take care of your problem for you!

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