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Buildings used for education require appropriate plumbing installations and maintenance. Whether a project’s focus is a primary school, a secondary school or a higher learning institution, the main specifications remain the same. Such facilities need to be designed in a way that helps ensure health and safety standards of a given facility. It’s done for the comfort of students and teaching staff as well as to meet various legal requirements and guidelines. 


Non-residential buildings such as educational facilities require well-operating and functional sanitary facilities. By the very nature of such establishments, it’s clear that any plumbing fixtures are going to be used by numerous people. First and foremost, this should influence the choice and grade of fixtures. They should be reliable and capable of handling multiple uses a day.

What’s more, plumbing in an educational building should operate seamlessly. Certain situations, such as blockages, often can’t be avoided. However, adequate maintenance and regular checks of sanitary facilities can help prevent many issues. In buildings of this kind it’s even more important to schedule regular maintenance to steer clear of situations when a building can’t be used due to a plumbing emergency. 


Choose Jolliffe Plumbing

With over 60 years of plumbing experience, Jolliffe Plumbing is an important industry player with a wide portfolio of successfully completed projects. People we’ve done work for praise our flexibility, teamwork and attention to detail. As a family run business, we treat with respect and due care every job we’re entrusted with.  

Our team of specialised and experienced plumbers supported by apprentices is ready to help you on any project within the industry of education. Whether you’re a large commercial client or a smaller private establishment you can count on our experience and expertise. 

Having completed countless projects through two generations of our family operations, we understand well the specifications of buildings, where the plumbing is designed for extensive use. We know what solutions to suggest and we can take care of the installation process from A to Z.